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Do you have a question, comment or suggestion for additional cheat sheets? Please fill out the form below and let me know your thoughts. Jen 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ask a Question

    1. jengordon Post author

      Hi Ben – The cheat sheet used to be available in PDF format, but in that format it was difficult to update. The Cheat Sheet is now this site, so everyone has the most recent information available. Feel free to share this site with your parents absolutely! Thanks 🙂 jen

  1. angie

    Thank you so much for providing this “cheat sheet”. I just went on Netflix and they do not seem to have any option for rating filtering. It only goes from teen to “adult” and nothing in between. We want to filter out all of the rated R movies and the gay/lesbian ones and it won’t allow us to do these kinds of things. Would love your help!

    1. jengordon Post author

      Hey Angie you’re right, Netflix allows very basic filtering. They used to allow filtering by rating but changed it a few months ago to these general age categories. I’m open to ideas and suggestions on how to approach Netflix with this feedback. Their parental controls could be greatly improved. Maybe an online petition – ?

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