Google Safe Search

Set up Google Safe Search to add a layer of protection between your kids and content that’s not age appropriate.

Google Search is not built for kids researching school projects. It’s built for everyone, looking for everything! Follow the steps below to set up:

  • SafeSearch – filters explicit results
  • Instant prediction filters  – explanation

You can set up SafeSearch and Instant prediction filters without having a Gmail account, but that allows anyone to turn off SafeSearch settings. If you want to lock the settings, so others can’t uncheck SafeSearch, you’ll want to sign up for a Gmail account, and click the “lock safesearch” link.

If your child uses Gmail, you can turn on

Google Safe Search Settings

  1. Go to:
  2. Under “SafeSearch filters” click “filter explicit results”. If you want to lock these settings, click on the “Lock SafeSearch” link (FYI you must have a Gmail account to lock SafeSearch. It’s worth signing up for a Gmail account to lock SafeSearch even if you never use it.)
  3. Under “Google instant predictions” click the “never show instant results” radio button. Instant predictions pre-populate the search box with other popular searches that may be inappropriate, or not what your child is actually looking for. See an example >
  4. Be sure to hit “Save” after you make your changes.

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