minecraft-ipadMinecraft is a fun and highly addictive game, popular with both kids and adults. When in “creative mode” it’s like playing with virtual Legos. There are lots of techie details about servers & seeds you can research further, but here are some simple things to look out for:

  1. Minecraft YouTube videos sometimes contain profanity in the commentary, and ideas on how to bully other players. Pre-screening the videos is a good idea.
  2. Search for “profanity free minecraft servers” if your child wants to play on a public, multi-player server.
  3. If you have some technical ability, set up your own private Minecraft server, where you can play among select friends and family.
  4. The game does contain some pretty benign zombie-type monsters and trolls.
  5. If your child enjoys multi-player games, teach them to keep the chat window closed. Minecraft for mobile devices is single player only.
  6. It is a really addictive game, so establish time limits in advance.

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Hi this is Jen. I'm a designer, writer and momma who wants her kids to enjoy the most high-quality awesomeness the web has to offer, and keep the scary stuff at bay. I keep this site updated for other people who are after the same thing. :)

2 thoughts on “Minecraft

  1. Robert

    As a long time moderator on a family friendly minecraft server a couple extra things that I would suggest for people looking for a calm, nice and friendly enviroment would be
    – You can also search for ‘Family Friendly Minecraft Servers’
    – Look up any rules that the server has, and keep an eye out for rules against profanity and griefing (another form of cyber-bullying)
    – Look for any policies that the staff have setup (for example my server includes an esafety policy)
    – A good thing to look for is a forum and if they have it an unban request section as this can give you an idea of how people are delt with in different situations.

    I hope this can help.


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