You have to create separate profiles for each user. This can control what they watch. I haven’t found a way to lock a user to keep someone from just switching to the adult user, or editing their own profile restrictions.

If you are in Germany, Australia, or New Zealand then you can set up a pin for your parental controls. Not in the US unfortunately.

How it works:

Your Netflix account set up to disallow R rated movies. You gave your teen some TV time and they’re watching a PG movie. Knowing they have some unsupervised TV time, they decide to check out a R rated movie they heard about from a friend. They hop over to Manage Accounts and change the profile or settings, and since they’re already logged into the account watching a movie, they’re able to change the settings.

This would obviously be an issue only for older kids, who may be seeking material that isn’t age appropriate.

Where you can Adjust Netflix Parental Control Settings

The only way you can adjust your settings is via web browser on your computer or mobile device. You cannot adjust your settings via the Netflix mobile app.

How to set up Netflix Parental Control Settings

Netflix parental control settings allow you to block mature titles from being shown onscreen or added to your Instant Queue. The changes you make are reflected on any Netflix enabled device (Roku, computer, mobile devices etc.).

  1. Login to Netfix account and select your user name.
  2. At top right hover over your account name and click on “Manage Profiles”NetflixProfiles
  3. Here you can add a profile and adjust what type of viewer you want them to be.NetflixProfileageoptions

Select viewable movies by viewer type: Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens or Adults.


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One thought on “Netflix

  1. John

    I think that Netflix offers no parental controls whatsoever.
    The profile without controlling access is not a control. In addition the history review without account information or even rating displayed right on the history screen and next to a show information does not help to recognize if there is a problem with a child accessing adult content or not. All that is an indication that Netflix does not pay enough attention to this important issue. I get the trust approach, but trust and verify is really what is needed, otherwise why bother with ratings at all.
    Solutions could be very simple: require a pin to access prohibited content, send notification if kid’s account accesses prohibited content, include account and ratings next to a show name on the activity screen, etc.
    Simple, but yet not available.


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