Roku Parental Controls

Login or create a Roku account

Roku doesn’t have a way to filter shows and movies based on rating, but you can set a PIN that will be required to add new channels. Login to your Roku at (or create an account) and set your PIN preferences.

Pick your channels

After you set your PIN, turn on your Roku and review the channels on your “Home” feed. Highlight a channel you want to remove and press the “*” button on your Roku remote to access the “Remove” function. After you curate channels in your Home feed, any new channels added will require the PIN you de ned in your Roku account.

Set controls on other accounts

Setting a PIN on your Roku doesn’t filter content within speci c channels, like Amazon Instant Video, Net ix, and Redbox. Be sure to set up the channel-specific parental controls on these channels as well.