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If you’ve watched my video on the Google Safesearch page, you’ll understand why I recommend getting kids in the habit of using the sites listed below, where Safesearch is auto-enabled 100% of the time.

This obviously doesn’t apply to older children who may be actively searching for explicit content. They’re heading straight to Google whether you recommend a Safesearch alternative or not. However for elementary age children who are researching for school projects or fun, these sites are safer than using straight-up Google, and they’re filtered no matter what computer or device is being used. You do not have to install any software to use these Safesearch sites.

In the examples below, I’ve searched for “chimpanzee facts” to show you how each of the sites display results.

Kidrex is my #1 recommendation. They display results without advertisements that can link to content that is not relevant to the child’s search.


See below, just images and text.


SafeSearch Kids

SafeSearch Kids is another good option, and one that does not include images in the results. The trade-off is they do include Google advertisements.


Results show lots of ads, no images.


Google Junior

Google junior is filtered, but gives the user the option to view Google image results, which can be unpredictable in their content. They also include Google ads.


Lots of ads, plus an image results tab.


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One thought on “Search Engines for Kids

  1. Ash

    Hello, displays no ads now.
    Was something Google was forcing at one point but has since been removed.


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